This is a space curated by a queer activist where she showcases different stories by the community for the community, this can be in form of poetry, short videos, spoken-word as a form of advocating for the rights of the marginalized community.

Poems by Iribagiza

This week we had correspondence from the talented Iribagiza, a committed feminist and LGBTQ activist based in Kigali, Rwanda.
The expression in her poems enters into the intimacy of her loves and her couple relationships as a woman who loves women, in Rwandan society.
Sincere and simply shared feelings. We ask for it again and again.

Dear Lover by Iribagiza
I dreamt of her by Iribagiza


Helplessness, the feeling of pain.
Handover to me, all your sorrows,
Helplessness, the feelings of pain.
Give me also the quiet,
And also the loneliness.
Also give me the uneasiness,
Give them to me.

I will steal the moisture from the wet eyes.
I will not allow any sorrow to remain,
Handover to me all, and all your sorrows
I will not let you wet your veil too,
I will never let you cry.

Problems, the shadows of sorrow.
Give to me.. your loneliness,
Give me also the hollows,
Give me also the failures,
Also give me the wilderness give them to me.

I will spread laughter on your lips
I will spread the happiness in your path.

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