Mission and Values

Our Mission

We aim to improve the quality of life for our LBQ womn. We fight for their civil rights, economic opportunities, and mental health. Our enemy is discrimination in all its many forms. The future we are creating is one of equal opportunities for LBQ womn to participate in and contribute to society in Rwanda.

Our Values

We live and work through our core values in everything that we do. Our values inform our mission, operations, and behavior. By holding ourselves to a higher standard, we create the standard of world we want to live in.

Respect: Accepting others without judgement; acknowledging the intrinsic value of the people we engage with: using organizational resources mindfully and appropriately; not misusing any resources or abusing power derived from any role or position.

Accountability: Engaging, serving, and reporting to the constituency, i.e. LBTQI women; using organizational resources mindfully and appropriately; not abusing power derived from any role or person. Accountability goes beyond finances and organizational roles– it involves remaining honest to the vision of the organization in everything we do.

Love: Opposing fear; having courage in tackling difficult issues; showing compassion.

Humanity: Showing compassion; understanding our connectedness to one other; placing our NSO work within a human rights context.

Community: We look to the LBTQI community as a key source of leadership and insight, and we look up to LGBTIQ people, organizations, and movements in Rwanda. Fellowship is integral to the strength of our community. We lift each other up so that the whole community may triumph.

Justice: We believe that justice for LBTQI people is inextricably tied to a larger movement for social justice for all marginalized communities. We are fiercely dedicated to securing equality, dignity, and justice in the daily lives of all LBTQI people, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Diversity: We are committed to respecting and celebrating the rich diversity of our community and to creating a fully inclusive LBTQI community.